Thursday, July 1, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame, A Lifetime of Regret

I’ve noticed a rash of recent celebrity downfalls having to do with infidelity – Tiger, Jesse, Spitzer, Gore, Johan, etc. What I find humorous is that in the end how many of these women who have knowingly slept with a married man are just looking for one thing – their 15 minutes of fame! What has this world come to that you need to get your name in some tabloid in order to be popular and get your next big movie/book deal? Since when has being a slut a good thing?

I am not defending the men involved by any means – but these women are looking for one thing out of this (and it ain’t “love”) – MONEY! Look at Jocelyn James (AKA Tiger Babe #11 ). Every time Tiger has a press conference, so does she. She’s hired some high buck attorney to try and work a sweet hush deal to get a big pay out. Seriously – she even went to the extent of saying it ruined her career by dating Tiger (FYI – she was a PORN STAR). She gave up her lifestyle and has threatened suit against Tiger saying she is no longer able to provide for herself since giving up her career. Really? She couldn’t just go make another film? Then there’s Tiger Babe #1 – what’s-her-name-with-the-big-boobs – who reportedly got $10,000,000 to not say anything. Man what a deal!

What has society come to when we get all our news from Entertainment Tonight and The Enquirer? When we think it’s ok to make a living by sleeping with a married man (or woman) and extorting money from them to keep quite? When you have to go on a dating show in order to further your wrestling career (no I didn’t watch the Bachelorette, I saw it on the news)? Why do people think they need this fame?

You can’t tell me that any woman that sleeps with a married man (especially of celebrity caliber) that they think this jerk truly loves them and is going to leave their wife for them? Really? You don’t think that these guys have a chick in every town? That you are the “only” one? Really??? So why make it out to be the biggest story of the century? More so – why do people watch trashy shows that highlight this type of behavior? Entertainment Tonight has been banned in my house – I don’t care to know the latest trash talk. Whatever happened to media covering an interesting story about a cat stuck in the tree and the firefighters that rescued it? Society today thrives on this nonsensical bulls**t and it is making this world a worse place to live.

Remember the days when as a kid you could ride your bike to your friends house? Or better yet, during the summer you could leave the house at 8 am and not have to be home until dinner time without your parents worrying constantly? That doesn’t happen anymore … kids need to be driven everywhere, you give your 9 year old a cell phone so they can text you every 15 minutes with what they are doing and who they are with, and families just don’t sit down at night and watch The Cosby Show. This world has come to a society of creeps, weirdo sex addicts, money grubbing wanna-bes that are looking for the next quick fix.

What happened to working hard for your money and living a “normal” life? Marrying your high school/college sweetheart and actually staying married for 50+ years?

Today’s children are in for a whole new life that our generation (being the 30-40somethings) could never fathom. I say we go back to old ways – make family a priority – and teach values. Not show our kids that it’s someone else’s fault and if they don’t like it, just sue!

Bald Guy Out!

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